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Mark Mabry holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in Russian studies and in liberal studies respectively. His studies continued with an emphasis in creative nonfiction from Arizona State University. Many know him for his pictorial essay that depicts events in the life of Jesus Christ -"Reflections of Christ." Mabry loved art from a young age and he could be seen studying photography books during his free time. He wanted to be a professional artist and that’s what he became after several years of hard work. Mark studied photography in Santa Barbara at The Brooks Institute of Photography, and currently works as creative director at The Blaze. He has been much appreciated for his keenness to detail that made his images appealing. In fact, small details can be seen in his photographs.

Once he started working professionally, he began to receive commissions and freelance work from those who loved his art. He is much sought after and his images have spread throughout the world. Today, they can be seen in homes of celebs and prominent people. They are also in museums, galleries, institutions and in private and public collections. Many have described him as one of the most famous photographers in Arizona, and one of the most successful. He currently lives in Keller, Texas, with his four children and wife, Tara. Over the years, Mabry’s credentials have grown to reflect a fairly impressive list of clients. His client base is still growing, with his loyal followers always waiting for his new photographs.
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